Individual COACHING

I coach people full-time as a professional coach, and in each instance my success is measured by your success.  As a Certified Life Breakthrough coach, WeAlign Certified Coach, and Strengths Champion Certified coach, my goal is to help you, my client, achieve personal and professional breakthrough. 

The type of breakthrough you seek is completely up to you.  Some of my clients want personal breakthroughs - to spend more time with their family, to get clarity on their life purpose, or navigate through a life transition.  Others seek professional breakthrough - to increase sales, to lead a new project, or to advance to a senior leadership position.  No matter what your goals, I'm dedicated to helping you get there.  I'll manage the process as you manage the results.

My 5 step Coach Approach: 

  1. Gain Clarity - Who you are, why you’re doing it, where you’re at, and where you want to go.

  2. Developing a Personal Action Plan - As we co-create a plan, I'll help you set up realistic milestones with flexibility, and we'll predict what might set you back before it happens.

  3. Upgrade your skill sets. Look at your gifts and talents, and develop them to move you forward. Delegate work out in your areas of weaknesses.

  4. Optimize your environment to help meet your goals. Are the tools you need easily accessible? How can we cut back on your busy-ness and distractions?

  5. Mastering your psychology. Adopting a growth versus fixed mindset. Addressing wrong beliefs. Re-interpreting previous experiences and triggers.



As a leader, are you ready to take your team to the next level of performance?  Whether it's through discovering each other's work styles or hidden talent mix, guided discussions and assessments by an outside facilitator can move your team forward in measurable ways.

Beyond discovery, deep-dive team exercises will establish healthy relational patterns of appreciation and cooperation, and advance your goals in ways you didn't think possible.

Based on your input and specific goals, we'll custom design and deliver the right package to move your team forward.  

Career repositioning

Whether through an unfortunate round of downsizing, ageism, or just feeling stuck and not advancing, my clients find new traction (and new jobs!) through this proven process.

More defined than the Individual Coaching process, we'll walk through six sessions of guided exercises to 1) help you define and describe your ideal role, 2) articulate your unique value, and 3) leverage your network to find the organizations that share your values and need your contribution.

Career Group Coaching

This is the Career Positioning package (above) delivered in an online group coaching format with a cohort of peers.  Classes are offered on an as-needed basis.
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